Investment opportunities in Balneario Camporiu, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Investment opportunities in Balneario Camporiu, Santa Catarina, Brazil

The region of Balneario Camporiu in Santa Catarina, Brazil, is already known for its high standard of living. It is also known for its security and stability in the whole of South America. Above all, its reputation rushes beyond the borders for its strong growth in the field of private and other real estate.

The enormous growth rate of 12-15 percent annually over the last 15 years has no end in sight. At least for the medium term over the next 15-20 years. Experience has shown that the safest investment in Brazil is in the real estate sector.

Balneario Camporiu, Santa Catarina, real estate project

Infrastracture in Balneario Camporiu, Santa Catarina

Three international and five private airports, modern hospitals and clinics, advanced and well-equipped police, make the area even more attractive as it is easy accessible, safe and secure.

Also, the area offers shopping centres, night clubs, restaurants serving haute gastronomie dishes with tastes and flavours from all over the world. Bars which are awarded as the best bars in the world, offer a variety of drinks and coctails.

It is not a coincidence that celebrities from all over the world invested in real estate sector in Balneario Camporiu. Cristiano Ronaldo, Gisele Bundchen, Nelson Piquet, Neymar Jr., Rubens Barrichello might be your neighbours.

Investment opportunities

There are existing and planned investment opportunities for medium and large projects in the construction sector. They offer a prime yield of up to 42%. Also, various alternative investments and possible financing for private, professional or institutional investors are offered.

Eyeballit/Property can offer you a series of investment opportunities in Balneario Camporiu, Santa Catarina, Brazil. A Real estate office, privately owned, which is the largest provider of real estate and similar objects in Balneario Camporiu, can guide and assist you. A series of legal, financial and location services are offered.

The experience is based on the sale of approximately 11,000,000 m² of living space over the past 10 years. Now, a volume of over 700 properties is offered. The properties are mostly for sale, but also for rent. They are in every price range and always up-to-date, waiting to choose of.

For those who consider time as equal to money, One-stop service is offered. We accompany you from start to finish to make your wish come true and we take over the further utilization of your property if desired.

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